How to gloss skirting boards

skirting boards can be molded and manufactured into any size, dimension, and length, and they can be matted or glossed as per the preference of the user. Glossing the skirting boards adds an intrinsic appeal to the skirting boards, and anyone can gloss skirting boards at the comfort of their home.

Painting or glossing skirting boards is rather a simple and straightforward process, and it requires a user to paint the skirting boards as per the preference of the users. However, you should pay heed to a number of things for the success of the DIY project.

  1. Before you start with glossing your skirting boards, you should cover up the areas that are vulnerable to spillages or getting stained. You should cover the floors and carpets. The gloss paints are not water-based, so it would be challenging for you to remove the spot/stains in case an accidental spillage occurs.
  2. Choose from a selection of paints and paint brushes that would help you with achieving even coats of gloss coatings. Start with choosing a premium-quality paint, and refrain from choosing paint that would look tacky and cheap on the skirting boards.
  3. Prime the skirting boards for achieving desirable outcomes then, follow by a thin layer of coat. Or, invest in a paint can that promises to deliver both outcomes. It would garner optimal results, and it would save money and time on buying a primer separately.
  4. However, if you choose to prime your skirting boards , you should allow it to dry first. Once, it has dried to a matte or dull color then, put your gloss paint on the skirting boards. Allow the gloss to dry to a satin/shiny finish, and clean up the area after the completion of the job.